Personal Trainer Career Opportunities

Completing a personal trainer qualification with Entire Training improves your career prospects significantly, opening up a number of opportunities. Many who complete the course go on to become personal trainers, but there are other career options available.

Our graduates go on to have successful careers in a wide range of positions within the fitness and health industries.

Exercise to Music Instructor

Combine your love of dance with fitness to become an exercise to music instructor. Become confident in the running of conditioning classes to music with the Exercise to Music Instructor course. This qualification is designed to cover the design and implementation of group exercise sessions.

It teaches the importance of exercise choreography, and including specific exercises that match certain rhythms, keeping your class energised and excited.

Kettlebell Instructor

Kettlebells are becoming an increasingly popular addition to fitness programmes across the country. Perfect for use in a variety of training routines that keep exercises fresh and effective. Our Kettlebell Instructor course is just £149 and you can become fully qualified in just one day.

Completing a personal trainer course with Entire Training can give you the skills required to go on and become a kettlebell instructor.

Specialist Fitness Instructor for the Elderly

As the population ages, there will be an increasing demand for exercise programmes and instructors that cater specifically to the elderly. Entire Training offer personal trainers the Level 3 Designing Exercise Programmes for Older Adults course which develops your understanding of the ideal exercise designs for older adults.

Specialist Instructor for Pre and Post-Natal Women

Become an instructor that specialises in exercises for women during different stages of their pregnancy. The Designing Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Programmes course from Entire Training offers personal trainers the chance to develop their knowledge regarding the importance of exercise and nutrition during pregnancy.

Personal trainers that go on to become specialists in exercise for pregnant women develop their skill set, gain access to a niche client base and help and support women during what can be a very stressful time in their life.

Leisure/Fitness Assistant

Personal trainers gain access to a variety of roles within the fitness and leisure industry. You’ll have the required skill set to work in many different positions within gyms and leisure centres. Whatever role you opt for in the fitness industry, having a personal trainer qualification will undoubtedly help you to develop and progress your career.

Personal Trainer Qualifications from Entire Training

We offer a Personal Trainer Course that will equip you with all of the skills and knowledge you need to begin your journey within the fitness industry. Once you’ve completed that course you’ll be able to choose whether you’d like to specialise in any one area, and Entire Training can help.

For more information on any of our personal trainer qualifications or services, don’t hesitate to contact us online. Alternatively, you can call us directly on [phone-links] (North) or 0203 8418880 (South).

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