How to enjoy exercise

It can often be difficult to motivate yourself you exercise. Dragging yourself to the gym can be the last thing you’d want to do, but there are ways of making exercise enjoyable.

If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, you’ll probably be a highly motivated individual that is often in the gym, hitting the running track or getting out on your bike. But not everyone is as keen to get active.

Exercise to music                                                                

Whether you listen to your iPad in the gym, attend a music-orientated studio cycling class or join aerobics, exercising to music can be extremely energising, motivating and will encourage even the least active amongst us to get moving!

Entire Training offers personal trainers the opportunity to participate in an Exercise to Music course that will enable them to deliver group exercise to music classes.

Set a clear, motivating goal

Having a clear goal is a fantastic way to motivate yourself to exercise. Setting yourself a target weight for example is a great way to give you the push you need to head to the gym.

Perhaps you would like to run a 10k or half-marathon, compete in a triathlon, or perhaps you would like to learn to swim?

Once you have found a goal that motivates you to keep fit, the training and hard work will be a lot easier as you see the physical effects of your exercise.

Participate in a variety of sport or exercises

Including a variety in your fitness programme is an important factor in making exercise enjoyable. If you are a gym-goer, then it is important to include cardio, strength and body exercises in order to make your programme motivational.

At Entire Training, we like to make sure personal trainers are well-trained so that they can provide a range of fitness expertise to make client workouts more interesting.

We offer a wide range of exclusive courses, including kettle bells instructor courses, studio cycling instructor courses and numerous levels of personal trainer courses. This means that we ensure our personal trainers are industry-leading and that they deliver fitness programmes that reflect their excellent training.

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3 ways to make exercise enjoyable