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Welcome to the Entire Training FAQs Section


Here you’ll find the most commonly asked questions the Entire Training receive. We hope you’ll find them useful – but if your question isn’t listed here please get in touch with our team using the phone numbers shown.

1: When would my course start?

At Entire Training your course will start as soon as you make the minimum payment for your course. Once we have received your deposit you will receive a welcome email containing all the learning materials that you will need for the home study element of your course, the same day. On making the payment you will be booked in for a support call with your Personal Support Tutor and registered with our awarding body.

You will be set up with your personal support tutor, registered with the awarding body and given the resources for the qualification. We aim to start our learners 6 weeks before the dates advertised, which is when the practical teaching days and assessments will be delivered. Contact 01772 910950 or 0203 8418880 and speak to one of our course advisors about starting a course with Entire Training.

2: What will happen on the dates advertised?

The dates advertised on the site are the face to face teaching days for each course. On these days you will attend our exclusive state-of-the-art training venues in your chosen area. You will be taught by our experienced tutors who will guide you through the qualification sharing their knowledge and experience. The course begins 6 weeks before the dates advertised on the site. You will begin your blended learning aiming towards your teaching days and assessment day. The teaching days are designed to enable you to be effective in the practical application of training methods, instruct clients safely and design specific programmes based on clients’ goals. The tutor will teach, discuss and demonstrate exercises implementing the anatomical knowledge related to the theory exams to help with revision. For more information about the course dates then contact the course advisors today on 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880.

3: What support will I receive?

Entire Training has an exceptional reputation for providing excellent support throughout our qualifications. You will receive support from your personal tutor throughout the qualification. They will assign you a clear action plan to guide your home study and your time on the course. This action plan will outline deadlines for coursework hand-in times. Your tutor will have regular support calls which will be scheduled with yourself to discuss your progress on the course and check your learning going through revision questions and provide feedback on the coursework. When you attend your teaching days the course will be led by our highly experienced tutors who will support you throughout the course by answering questions, giving advice on careers and ensuring you are competent as a fitness professional. Entire Training will always go the extra mile for all our students and we are proud of our support structure and aim to continually develop this area. Please contact us today on 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880 and find out how we can support you in starting your new career.

4: How do I book a course and pay for it?

Entire Training has a number of different payment options available for the course; if you speak to our course consultants they can talk through our payment options with yourself. If you are seeking more information about payments and how to sign up for the course then call 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880 and speak to our course consultants to help you move forward with your course options.

5: How long does it take to complete the coursework and how is it completed?

All our fitness instructor and personal trainer courses require a number of units to be completed via written coursework. This is carried out prior to the course teaching days from home via tutor supported distance learning. You will be assigned an Entire Training personal support tutor that will set you an action plan for completing your coursework, with specific hand-in dates to break down the workload and provide feedback on each unit of work. For more information on the coursework and how is it assessed on your specific course then contact our Entire Training consultants on 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880.

6: Who are REPs?

REPs are the Register of Exercise Professionals; this is a national register for all fitness professionals which maintain high standards of trainers throughout the United Kingdom. Being new to the industry we recommend that all our learners sign up with REPs as a personal trainer. This will demonstrate to potential clients that you are committed to developing your practice and continual upgrading your knowledge within the health and fitness industry. For more information about REPs and our courses then speak to our course consultants by calling 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880.

7: When will I receive my certificate?

Once you have worked through your LAP and made the relevant submissions for the home study and attended your Teaching and Assessment days, passed the formative assessment and theory exams you will be notified by your support tutor that your course is complete. Upon receiving this receipt, the certificate will also be approved by our awarding body, Active IQ. Once they receive this request they will make the relevant checks and get the application processed.

The awarding body will then send your certificate out to ourselves. Upon receipt of your certificate we will notify you and ask you to confirm your address. We will then send your certificate out to you which will require you to sign for on its arrival.

To find out more about out courses call out course consultants on 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880 who are waiting to advise you.

8: Will this qualification be recognised in another country?

With our qualifications being certificated by Recognised awarding bodies this will mean your qualifications are recognised across the world. If you want to travel the world and have a career that can move with you then our qualifications will allow you to do this. If you have any questions about a specific country you are moving to then call 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880 and the advisors will help you with the process.

9: Will the qualification work around my current lifestyle?

Our qualifications are designed to fit around your current schedule, meaning you can spread the workload around your lifestyle. Entire Training offer exclusive fitness trainer courses that provide an unbeatable level of student support that enables our pass rates to be extremely high. All our courses are designed to have at least 6 weeks’ home study prior to the teaching weekends and assessment days – the only fixed dates of our health and fitness qualifications. If you have a busy lifestyle whether this is your current occupation or family commitments, we can fit the course around you. Our fitness trainer courses are delivered via blended learning which involves tutor-guided home study supported by your personal e-learning platform. With face to face training days you have the chance to develop from your tutor’s knowledge of practical applications of training, to ensure you complete the course with a high standard of learning to raise the standards within the industry. Your personal tutor will guide your home study, supporting you with regular support calls, detailed feedback on coursework and webinars to share their knowledge of training and the various aspects of the qualification. If you have any questions contact the Entire Training Course Team and they will guide you to the best course and best options for learning for you to achieve your desired qualification. Call 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880.

10: What can I do when I have completed with my qualification with Entire Training?

Once qualified you have a number of career options available. This will depend on the route you want to take. At Entire Training we will assign a dedicated career support advisor to you who will guide you as a newly qualified trainer. They will all be willing to share their experiences with what they have done and are currently doing in the industry. You may already have a good idea of the path you want to take in the industry or you may want the adviser to share the options regarding available career options. To find out more about the career options available then call out course consultants on 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880 and they will guide you on the best course for your aspirations.

11: Can I start a personal training course without a level 2 gym/fitness qualification?

To progress to the Level 3 Personal Training Qualification you need to achieve the Level 2 Gym/fitness instructor qualification. At Entire Training we offer a number of diploma options for students who are looking to become personal trainers without holding a Level 2 fitness qualifications. Entire Training has the courses you need to achieve your goal of becoming a first class personal trainer. The Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training with Entire Training combines the level 2 and level 3 qualifications to help you get qualified faster. We also offer the Advanced Diploma which offers the Level 2 Gym Qualification, Level 3 Personal Training Qualification, Kettlebell Instructor course, First Aid Training, REPs membership and business start-up guidance e-book for the best possible entry into a personal training career. These are the best options available for becoming a qualified personal trainer if you do not have a Level 2 qualification already. These will usually take 12 weeks to complete and are awarded by Active IQ, the leading international awarding body for the health and fitness industry. For more information about Entire Training’s Diploma qualifications please contact our course consultants on 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880.

12: Once I qualify how do I get insured as a fitness trainer?

It is a legal requirement for all trainers to be insured when working in the fitness industry. There are several companies that offer public liability insurance for personal trainers. This can be found through a search on the internet. The yearly cover for trainers ranges from £50+ depending on the areas you wish to be insured in and the clients you will be training. Insurance cover ranges from £1 million to £10 million – the industry recommended cover is £5 million, the minimum required if you work within a gym as a personal trainer. Most insurance providers will get a certificate to you the same day electronically to cover your training. REPs offer insurance along with a REPs membership so if you want to get registered with REPs you can buy a package that includes the insurance for around £85. Liability cover as a personal trainer is really important to protect yourself when training clients. If you are caught training a client with no insurance and something happens to the client then it will be down to you alone to cover all the costs – including your legal fees. If you would like to know more about the different types of insurance and who we recommend then contact 01772 910950 / 0203 8418880 and speak to a course consultant today.

13: Can I start my home study before I receive my support call?

We aim to have your support call within 48 hours of receiving your payment so that you have a better understanding of the course and the content that you have received. However, some learners do start the course reading prior to the support call to get their course started sooner and start with the revision units, the sales advisor will advise you on what units these are on your request.

14: What is the purpose of the support call?

By having the support call with your Personal Support Tutor you will have a better insight into what you will need to do to meet the demands of the home study. Your Personal Support Tutor will also provide you with an Action Plan to aid your progress through the course and highlight how your Personal Support Package will work. This initial call will also enable you to establish a working relationship with your support tutor. Contact 01772 910950 or 0203 8418880 and speak to one of our course advisors about starting a course with Entire Training.

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At Entire Training we are committed to raising industry standards through the development of highly trained and motivated fitness professionals. Our aim is to provide passionate fitness enthusiasts with an affordable qualification that will lead to a career they want. The aim is to provide an effective learning environment and support across all our courses we deliver.

We carefully select training venues, tutors, resources and support staff that want to see students succeed in the industry. Our goal is to provide the best platform for our students in their journey to a new career ensuring they develop the right skills and knowledge along the way.

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