Top Trends of The Year

Trends interchange with great regularity in the health and fitness industry, and new crazes are abound year upon year. Here at Entire Training, we’re foreshadowing the rise of fitness accessories, wellness tourism, and new online fitness options to name just a few in 2016.

New Year Health and Fitness crazes

1. Wearable Fitness items

Fitness wearables were huge in 2015, with sales up well over 150 per cent from the previous year. And the trend is set to continue this year, as big-name manufacturers such as Garmin, TomTom and Microsoft compete to include as many sensors as possible in their latest gadgets. Heart rate monitoring and GPS are amongst the most popular biometrics set to be included in the next wave of wearable fitness items in 2016.

2. The return of Bodyweight Training

Ok, so push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups never really went away, but they’re extremely fashionable this new year, hence us proclaiming the return of bodyweight training. Smartly programmed, creative bodyweight movement exercises can be incredibly effective, and are set to be massive in 2016. Our health and fitness training courses can provide you with an in-depth knowledge of bodyweight exercises, and how to carry out effective training seminars centred around their use.

3. A rise in Wellness Tourism

Recent fitness industry reports suggest that resorts, hotels and holiday packages that offer fitness and spa services are enjoying a growth rate 50% faster than that of overall general tourism. Several hotels throughout the UK are beginning to partner with local gyms and leisure facilities to offer on-site fitness classes and on-demand personal training, and we expect a rise in wellness tourism to continue its commencement throughout the year.

4.  Home Cardio options

Treadmills and Stairclimbers are amongst the most popular cardio machines that have traditionally been known to appear in homes around the country. In 2016, Alternative Motion machines are set to give them a run for their money. With the facility to mimic running and stair climbing, each impacting less on the user’s body than with the formerly mentioned equipment, Alternative Motion machines are becoming a regular fixture in many a gym. And we at Entire Training can envisage them becoming increasingly popular amongst those who enjoy working out at home in the near future.

5. Live Online Fitness Classes

Whilst streaming workout video services have been around for a while, expect a boom in live online fitness classes in 2016. Many companies have began introducing these innovative programmes, and charging participants monthly fees to get involved. In most cases, users will also gain access to a library of on-demand workout videos that they can follow at their own convenience.

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The Top 5 Fitness Trends of 2016