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Going to the gym on a daily basis can be a challenging task at the easiest of times, when you start to reach your original goals at the beginning of your journey you can very easily fall into the trap of failing to set new goals or simply losing motivation because you’re not making the same level of progress as you were before.

Luckily there are several potential remedies for becoming unmotivated or struggling to keep on top of your fitness regime. Remember, not any one single method mentioned is going to work straight away. You may need to apply multiple methods and be patient in seeing a recognisable result.

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Keeping Positive

Assessing yourself, looking at your life from the outside-in can be a brilliant way of seeing if you’re making any simple mistakes you can correct straight away. Some of these can be as simple as too much caffeine intake, excessive consumption of alcohol or even a lack of sleep.

Obviously, there are going to be deeper issues concerning motivation and positivity that require some actions from yourself to combat effectively.

Social Media Motivation

Social media is a platform that has the answer in the name, exposing yourself to a much more social platform on a wider scale allows you to communicate with people you wouldn’t normally interact with on a day to day basis. Letting yourself has this outreach can spur on your fitness related goals by letting other seeing what you’ve achieved as well as seeing what other people can achieve and potentially letting their goals become your own in the long run.

Changing Gym Routines

An easy trap to fall into is to become linear in your fitness regime and run yourself down and out with relative ease. A lot of the top athletes in the world will often stray away from their “optimal” and “efficient” training programs in order to inject some change and additional motivation into their fitness goals. A good example of this would be Olympic Runners/Sprinters often employ the use of a swimming pool to aid their end goals but allow a degree of change.

Workout Plateau

You will often find yourself pushing evermore to continually achieve and improve on your goals but as cited by many professional Personal Trainers, your path will follow more of a wave pattern with weeks or even months of positive progression followed by a downward or plateaued season where your body may need rest or even conditioning to the newly developed strength and exertion you’re putting out.

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How to keep motivated when your progress declines