Are Form and Technique Important?

Correct form is a necessary element that needs to be mastered within general fitness before any sort of intense or experienced training takes place, this applies to both beginners and knowledgeable fitness experts who may be trying something for the first time. Factors such as the range of motion, movement of joint intersections and the amount of time the muscle is under a bearing load are more influential to your training than a vast amount of reps or a heavier weight ever will be.

What is Kinesiology?

There is a study of the mechanics of body movements called “Kinesiology” which is a scientific study that emphasises both human and non-human body movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, biomechanical and psychological mechanisms of movement. This applies strongly to the subject matter as it allows us to analyse and pick apart motion during sport, fitness and rehabilitation.

How to Prevent Injury

Probably the single most important reason to maintain proper form and technique within the gym is to prevent any form of injury taking place. Lifting weights is inherently going to put stress on the body, after a period of time the body is going to be capable of sustaining more stress naturally but this is limited to a person’s strength and physical ability.

The general consensus when performing exercises is if you have to move your body in an unnatural way or the exercise is discomforting then the weight needs to be lowered and your primary focus needs to move onto ensuring you’re adhering to correct form and technique. This is generally done by exercising in a mirror to better analyse your position or working to lower weights until you’re confident you’re isolating the muscle groups you want to work on.

If any form of pain is persistent even through taking measures into your own hands it is a good idea to seek professional advice from a Doctor or GP who can refer you to a suitable professional who will be able to help.

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The importance of correct form and technique