Building a Fitness Social Media

The first thing to take into consideration is that your social media platform is not a sales pitch or a brand. What it is, is contained with the name itself, “Social Media”. It is to be used as a social marketing tool, consider your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as platform from which you can communicate with other companies and people by gaining their interest through engaging and useful information.

Social Media Simplified

In time you will gain substantial leverage on your social media platform which allow you to begin branding and establishing yourself by focusing your marketing to spread a specific message all whilst retaining the interesting and engaging content you were developing on your social media platform before. This will allow you to push brand awareness whilst keeping your audience you’ve developed engaged.

To put social media into a nutshell, the main priority is to adhere to “them” and not focus on yourself. Much like a standard social interaction on any level the level of engagement and interest is much higher if you communicate on a select topic that is preferably of the other party’s interest, whereas if you were to talk about yourself and what you want from a situation the conversation is much more likely to go downhill, and fast.

So, what we learn from this is that people who you want to be targeting are much more likely to be interested in what you have to offer if your social media platform offers them something in return, this could be as simple as a picture with a funny tagline or a detailed fitness article outlining the do’s and don’ts of a specific exercise.

Professional Social Media

What is definitely overlooked within social media is the presence of professionals within the field of their target audience. Some of the most successful and famous fitness social media platforms are qualified Personal Trainers, this gives them a substantial advantage over their counterparts in the form of knowledge, ability and an “official” presentation when someone new comes to their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social media platform.

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How do I build my Fitness Social Media?