The best clothing for a Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, it is important to wear the right clothing. Not only do you need to show yourself off as being fit and healthy, you also need to ensure that your clothing is comfortable to exercise in. It’s best to avoid clothing that shows off sweat patches or material that clings on to sweaty odours.

Choosing clothing for Personal Training

Entire Training know how hard it can be to try and find appropriate exercise clothes for day to day wear in a gym, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you with your personal training clothes.

Wear a uniform

A uniform can help spread awareness about your personal training business. It doesn’t matter what type of uniform you opt for. T-shirts with your name on and your personal training business logo are a good way to promote your business; you can also promote it across vest tops, exercise pants and accessories, such as towels, sweatbands and drinking bottles.

Although you uniform should look fairly smart and professional, you will need to ensure it consists of sporting attire that you can exercise in.

Be sporting and comfortable

Working in the fitness industry your clothing should be sporty, comfortable and non-obstructive.

If you do your own training session before working alongside your client, make sure you change your exercise kit into a clean one. The last thing your client wants is for their personal trainer to be sweatier and smellier than they are!

Show an example through your sports clothing

Choose high-quality sports clothing that you would be happy to recommend if asked for advice from a client.

You can keep a professional appearance through well-presented sports clothing, especially if you opt for uniform-style training for work.

Entire Training Personal Trainers

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The best clothing for a Personal Trainer