Technologies Influence on Fitness Industry

We’re all victims to it. Technology undoubtedly has a huge hold on us, particularly when it comes to the fitness industry.

Whether we’re on the treadmill listening to our headphones, at a studio cycling class with multi-coloured lights flashing and loud music playing, or checking out our GPS watch whilst running, technology is most definitely thriving in the fitness industry.

But when we look a bit closer, just how much is technology influencing the fitness industry? What should personal trainers consider when entering the world of fitness? Do all personal trainers need to be highly tech-savvy in order to do their job well?

Entire Training explores technology and the fitness industry

Entire Training uses technology to it’s advantage, especially the internet which provides a platform to share fitness advice, videos and more. The internet also plays host to a lot of our personal trainer courses information. There are a few ways how technology is improving and helping the fitness industry thrive.

GPS Sports Watches/Heart Rate Monitors

GPS sports watches are must-haves for runners and keep-fit addicts. What’s more, there are also multi-sport GPS watches nowadays that are appreciated by triathletes, duathlon competitors, swimmers, cyclists (and even golfers!) everywhere.

These watches now not only come with a GPS tracking device, distance monitor, speed monitor, clock time, calories-burned screen and a stop watch, many now have a built in heart rate monitor too! This means that the wearer can read their heart rate from their wrist throughout their workout, to make sure they’re working in the desired heart rate zone.

Music Tech in Fitness

Many people enjoy exercising to music. You can see them in the gym, out running in the street and you can often hear music in CrossFit gyms.

Music can undoubtedly help engage the mind when you’re exercising and spur on motivation, as well as make exercise more fun!

At Entire Training, we offer a Level 2 Exercise to Music (ETM) course, that allows you to be confident in the running of conditioning classes to music.

Our Level 2 Active IQ Exercise to Music qualification is structured to cover the design, evaluation and implementation of group exercise sessions. The qualification includes exercise choreography and incorporating various exercises to different beats and rhythms to ensure your class is always energising, effective and fun!

Personal training apps

Many personal trainers use personal training apps, like TotalCoaching and My PT Hub to effectively communicate with their clients.

Personal training apps make life easier for clients and the personal trainer, enabling the PT to send over clear plans quickly and efficiently, while the client has a log of their training and the ability to feed back on their progress.

How do you use technology in your fitness regime?

Are you a step-o-meter kind of girl or are you a guy who likes to post his workouts on running tracker app, Strava? Or perhaps you use a turbo trainer or power/watt meter? Whoever you are, we’re sure that technology has some kind of influence on your workout!

Entire Training courses implement technology both in learning and teaching. If you would like to find out more about the uses of technology in the fitness industry, and how Entire Training utilises it to its full potential, you can contact us direct on [phone-links] (North) or 0203 8418880 (South) or contact Entire Training online to get more information about our fitness qualifications.

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How technology is influencing the fitness industry