What are Healthy Swaps?

At Entire Training, we offer health, fitness and personal training courses, designed to fit around your busy lifestyle. However, the support does not stop there, our experienced tutors also offer career guidance and advice throughout the careers of Entire Training graduates.

As a personal trainer, it is your role to ensure that your clients are making the most out of their sessions. The quicker they see the results, the more likely they are to continue using your services.

Although you may work the clients hard and engage with them throughout the sessions, the most effective way to get results, is by encouraging the client to make a few simple lifestyle changes outside of the gym.

Help your client to make changes

  1. It may go without saying, but diet is crucial. By swapping unhealthy snacks for fruit, and preparing protein-packed meals, your client will start to see the results they want so much quicker. Each client learns in different ways, so it may help to sit down with them and explain the benefits and effects of different food groups on the body. You could always go the extra mile and offer meal plans at an extra cost.

In order to provide your client with detailed nutrition information, why not consider the Nutrition for Physical Activity course from Entire Training?

    1. Part of your role as a PT is to ensure that exercise is not perceived as a chore. Why not offer your clients fun ways of getting active during the week? Whether you join a sports club with friends, or go on walks with the family, it helps to get others involved!


  1. Finally, it is important to reiterate to your client, that all exercise helps towards building a more active lifestyle. This is especially relevant to those who work at a desk-based job. By simply encouraging them to take the stairs instead of the lift, or cycling to work, you can make a substantial difference to both the way they look and the way they feel in themselves.

A personal trainer has the potential to change lives and help people to feel confident in their own body. If you would like the opportunity to make a difference why not start an Entire Training course today?

If you are building on your previous qualifications, take a look at the Level 3 Active IQ Personal Trainer Qualification.

If you have no previous health and fitness qualifications, then the Level 3 Active IQ Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training may be more suitable.

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