Health & Fitness Qualification Training Centre Guildford.

Entire Training’s Guildford Academy is the recommended place to become a qualified fitness professional in Surrey. While expanding across the UK we continue to build our reputation for delivering exceptional fitness qualifications and training the best fitness professionals in Surrey.

At our Guildford Academy our goal is to provide the very best educational environments, resources and experienced hand-picked tutors from across the country. We want to ensure our students get the best value for money and enjoy their educational experience. Our students will be ready to work in any health and fitness environment once the course is completed based on their knowledge and practical expertise.

The Best Personal Trainer Courses in Surrey

Entire Training aims to provide the best overall learning package that will, educate, guide and develop the very best trainers that will thrive in the health and fitness industry. Our Personal Trainers will raise the standard of personal training across Surrey. Our academy has and continues to successfully place our students into roles in the fitness industry in Guildford and the surrounding cities and towns.

Students will travel from across the country to complete qualifications in our industry-leading facilities that are available at training venues exclusive to Entire Training. Our links with gyms across the country allows us privileged access to some of the best learning environments available for our Guildford Training Centre.

“I was looking for a course however, I found myself needing to travel into London which would have taken nearly two hours, I was so pleased when Entire Training did a course on my doorstep. I spoke to their team and was impressed with their willingness to help and share knowledge.” – Robert.

Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor Courses in Guildford

Our course programmes in Guildford will deliver a gold standard educational experience that will ensure our students complete the course and leave in the best position to impact the fitness industry and have successful careers.  Entire Training delivers the following qualifications in our Guildford Training Academy:

Contact our course support service today to gain more information about our personal training qualifications in Guildford, then please call us on [phone-links] (North) or 0203 841 8880 (South).


Entire Training offers multiple training options to choose from when studying one of our industry leading health and fitness courses.

Fast Track Intensive Learning

  • Qualify in as little as 1 week
  • Highly qualified tutor delivered from our new modern facilities
  • Complete access to our dedicated student support team
  • All course resources provided
  • Career guidance and support upon graduation


  • Entire Training can send a highly qualified tutor to your chosen location and gym.
  • Face to face Covid friendly tutoring, giving you a one to one and or a group teaching experience.
  • Fast track qualifying opportunities with a 99.4% pass rate on all courses.
E-learning Software access


  • Qualify in as little as 4-6 weeks
  • Live webinar induction hosted by a dedicated tutor
  • Course resource manual pack
  • Access to our dedicated student support team
  • Live Practical webinar teaching
  • Career Guidance & Support
  • Interactive E-learning Platform

Payment Options with Entire Training

When it comes to paying for your health and fitness course or package, Entire Training offers flexible payment options to suit a range of our students' needs. If you would like to know more information about the payment options available with Entire Training, call a member of our friendly team today or use our live chat feature.

Pay Online

1. Find your course
2. Book your place online
3. Checkout securely
Payment Cards


1. Find your course
2. Book your place online
3. Checkout with finance application

Find out about our flexible payment options call us on 01772 910 950


1. Find your course
2. Call our expert tutors
3. Secure a payment option

Call us on 01772 910 950



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