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Adapting to the coronavirus lockdown as a personal trainer

As a personal trainer, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has no doubt impacted the way you conduct business.

One way to adapt to the changing circumstances is to work with clients remotely via the Internet.

Online exercise classes are a great place to start. They allow you to continue working while maintaining a safe distance.

But there are other ways you can offer your expertise remotely as well: nutrition advice, training instruction, coaching tips, and fitness knowledge.

In this post, we provide an overview of how you can become an effective “online” personal trainer.

Can personal trainers work in lockdown?

Yes, personal trainers can continue to work during lockdown but the lockdown restrictions must still be followed strictly. One to one personal training sessions can still be delivered in an open space that is not a private garden, but social distancing must still be practised and the PT can not share equipment with their client.

Alternatively, you can decide to deliver personal training sessions via the web such as online video services (YouTube), providing workout plans or undertaking sessions remotely. It’s up to you to get creative in adapting your personal training services and how they are delivered based on the current lockdown restrictions.

Create Remote Workout Plans for Clients

Creating bespoke workout plans for your clients is one method you can use to continue to operate as a personal trainer. They can be customised to the exact requirements of your client’s fitness goals. You could even offer video examples for home exercises, or live fitness classes for individuals and groups.

Experience and qualifications

Having industry-recognised qualifications is recommended for online coaching. Level 2 Gym Instructor is the minimum acceptable requirement for offering personal training remotely. But it is better to have the Level 3 Fitness Instructor or Level 4 Personal Trainer Diploma.

Having plenty of experience running fitness workshops with individuals and groups is also of great benefit.

Think carefully about your remote service

Before offering your personal training services remotely, think about your overall service offering. Are you just selling video workout sessions? Are you providing online exercise classes for groups? Or will you be training individual clients and offering tailored advice?

You can also consider providing extra knowledge for some clients, such as nutrition advice and strength/conditioning consultancy.

What are the rules around training clients outdoors?

The rules for delivering personal training sessions outdoors is simple; stick to the social distancing guidelines, make sure you regularly wash or sanitise your hands, wear a mask and do not share training equipment. If you follow these rules and guidelines correctly then you can safely deliver your training sessions outdoors.

How much can you earn as an online trainer?

The amount you can earn by remote fitness coaching depends on many factors, such as your client base, your pricing, and your product and service offering.

You can usually price individual sessions higher than group sessions. This is because your effort and time is tailored to the individual client.

By expanding your client base and gaining more experience, you will be able to charge more per session. Investing in specialist education that enables you to provide extra knowledge will also allow you to maximise revenue.

Can gyms open during the COVID-19 pandemic?

No, gyms are not classed as essential services and therefore are not open to the public. This doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to deliver your personal training sessions, it just means that you can not do so in a gym.

Can I train with clients indoors?

Absolutely not. Just like any other kind of indoor gathering of people from different households/bubbles, providing training sessions indoors, whether at your home or at the clients home, is strictly forbidden. You can, however, deliver training sessions outdoors as long as you continue to follow social distancing guidelines.

Specialise to earn more money

If you can offer additional experience that is not readily available elsewhere, clients will gain greater benefit from your sessions. And you will be able to charge more for your remote fitness coaching, since you offer specialist and valuable knowledge. Setting yourself apart from others in the pack will distinguish you from competitors.

Selling supplementary products to complement your overall service offering is also worth considering. Selling “premium” content or videos is one way to do this. You could develop exercise plans, an e-book, or re-sell exercise equipment.

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