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What career opportunities will I have as a Level 2 Gym Instructor?

As an Entire Training qualified Level 2 gym instructor you will have a qualification that is awarded by Active IQ and recognised by REPs. This qualification will allow you to enter a number of career paths both nationally and internationally.
Once qualified as a level 2 Gym instructor, the career options range depending on your personal career aspirations and goals. Initially most qualified gym instructors will work within a national gym chain, council run facility or sports centre. This role will involve instructing exercise, gym inductions, group classes, gym floor maintenance, programme design and other roles depending on the facility you work within.

Working as a fitness instructor abroad

You could also travel and work abroad as a fitness instructor, this may involve cruise ships, fitness holidays, beach boot camps. Our Active IQ qualifications are recognised in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, India and many other counties across the world.

The role of a gym instructor is constantly changing and with an abundance of CPD qualifications available to upskill your knowledge and all ow you to work with different client groups. You could work alongside a personal trainer which you can gain valuable experience and understand the role of a personal trainer also if you wanted to progress in the industry.

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