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What can I do with a BoxFit instructor course?

Here at Entire Training, we have a huge selection of flexible courses that can help you in starting your dream career within the health and fitness industry. Each one of the courses that we provide are purposely designed to progress your professional skills and development, and our highly popular BoxFit instructor course is no exception.

So, in our latest blog post, the experienced health and fitness team at Entire Training provide you with a detailed guide on all the benefits of completing a BoxFit instructor course, and supply you with information on how we can help you in obtaining this useful qualification!

What is BoxFit?

When you hear the name ‘BoxFit’, you may instantly think that it is an activity strictly for boxers, however this is not the case!

BoxFit is for everyone and is a cardiovascular workout that incorporates a variety of different boxing training drills, such as skipping, abdominal exercises and pad work.

BoxFit classes tend to last for around one hour, and although sessions can be intense BoxFit is suitable fort those of every single level of fitness.

BoxFit has grown massively in popularity in recent times, so if you already have a personal trainer qualification, completing a BoxFit constructor course will allow you to broaden your knowledge and offer further services to your clients.

Complete a BoxFit instructor course with Entire Training!

If you would like to add the title of qualified BoxFit instructor to your current portfolio, then look no further than Entire Training. Our BoxFit instructor course is delivered by award winning tutors at state-of-the-art training complexes and allows you to offer boxercise classes to both individuals and groups.

Whilst completing this course you will learn how to both plan and hold BoxFit classes that are both safe and effective. Once you finish our BoxFit course, you will have a clear understanding how beneficial boxing exercises are in reaching peak physical condition.

The team here at Entire Training have over 20 years of experience of working in the health and fitness industry, so you can be assured that we have the knowledge to provide you with skills you need to be a success BoxFit instructor.

So, broaden your skills and find out more about our CPD BoxFit Instructor Course now!

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