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How much can you earn as a PT?

The fitness industry can be a very lucrative sector to get involved in, with passion and hard work, an individual can reach success in no time.

Once you have gained a personal trainer qualification, there are many career paths you can take, each offering their own advantages, benefits and earning potentials. If you want to find out if our PT courses are for you, call our offices directly on 0161 660 8286 (North) or 0203 8418880 (South).

Different career opportunities

The majority of personal trainers will fall under one of these three categories, each offering different ways of earning a good wage.

Employed by a club or gym

Direct employment from a gym means that you receive a steady salary on a pay-as-you-earn basis. Personal Trainers that work hard and prove themselves may be offered pay rises, moved to more prestigious branches or given a wide variety of tasks to manage such as group classes in-between PT sessions.

Freelancing in a club or gym

If a personal trainer is freelancing, they pay rent to the gym or fitness club in order to use the equipment and facilities. However, you must source your own clients from members at the club. In good clubs and affluent areas, PTs can have very high earning potentials, but you must factor in the cost of rent. If a personal trainer works longer hours and puts effort into finding more clients, income is higher and steadier.

Self Employed

Self-employed personal trainers must obtain their own clients. Although this career option is riskier, it has the highest earning potential for entrepreneurial individuals. Most self employed trainers gain experience in a club or gym first and built up their own clientele. To be successful in this field you must posess skills that make you stand out from the crowd and allow you to provide specialist training. One example of this is gaining a qualification in nutrition for physical activity.

Browse the Entire Training personal trainer courses online. If you are looking to build on a previously gained Level 2 gym instructor qualification take a look at the Level 3 Active IQ Personal Trainer Course. This course takes 6 weeks in total and covers a range of important skills with ongoing career advice.

If you do not currently have any fitness qualifications, consider the Level 3 Active IQ Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training.

Both courses have a flexible payment plan, are designed to fit around your current and have a heavy concentration on elearning and one-to-one training.

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