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Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity

This Course Includes: -

  • Key guidelines in relation to nutrition
  • How exercise and nutrition improves recovery
  • Aid clients reach their goals

Online Course Outlines

The Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity with Entire Training aims to develop understanding of nutrition and its relation to physical activity. Our course has been designed specifically to provide a solid foundation for your career. Gain a full qualification from as little as £250! Entire Training also allows you to split this into affordable instalments, meaning that you can start straight away, without having to worry about large upfront payments.

The Active IQ course will give you knowledge on recommended guidelines for daily intake requirements and how nutrition can help develop lifestyle and health. The qualification will examine the principles of nutrition which will expand into areas such as sports nutrition, balancing diets, managing weight and scrutinising food labels to fully understand nutritional values. You will also cover setting goals with clients and how to relay the nutritional information and apply it to physical activities.

The qualification is based around one unit assessed via a case study and theory paper which are completed online. Expanding into nutrition is a brilliant opportunity to accentuate your knowledge and build onto your continuing professional development. Whether you have an interest in nutrition or just want to learn more in this field, this course will help develop a direct understanding of the nutritional needs for specific clients.

Still not sure? Request a call back from a member of our dedicated support team to discuss how this this course can further your fitness career.


Nutrition for Physical Activity Course Format

Entire Training will ensure you acquire the top level of knowledge within the subject area, including nutritional information and relating it to physical activity to further develop your professional experience. Our award winning tutors have over 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. Your support tutor’s aim is to make certain all of our students set foot into their role in the health and fitness industry as confident, effective trainers with the necessary skill set to excel in the field. The course is exemplary for those that want to step up their career in the health and fitness industry to increase their client base.

The Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity course is a distance learning course which is reinforced by our highly experienced tutors. Once you sign up for the fantastic course we will supply you with the required resources that you will be able to read and complete the coursework from. The course is constructed via interactive online e-learning which will give assistance to the learning of the qualification. You will be required to complete a theory exam at a chosen location located closest to yourself, this can be arranged with your tutor upon signing up. All of the courses are carefully designed to ensure that they can be passed alongside a busy lifestyle or job.

Learners that have completed the Nutrition for Physical Activity qualification with Entire Training have gone on to develop and progress their own professional, personal practice within health and fitness as well as open up new career prospects for themselves both within the UK and internationally.

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If you are passionate, committed and have the drive to become the best in the industry, our qualifications will provide the support and guidance to your career goals. Contact our course consultants on  01772 910950 / 0203 841 8880 today and they will guide you through the best course options for your chosen career in the health and fitness industry.


▼ How do I pay for the course?

When you are looking to book onto the Level 3 award in nutrition for physical activity course, you will speak to one of our course consultants where they will explain the payment options in detail and you can arrange your first payment. All our courses offer flexible payment options where you can split the cost into instalments.

▼ Will I be able to complete the course alongside working?

Our courses are created to ensure you can complete them alongside a busy lifestyle or demanding job. The level 3 award in nutrition for physical activity is completed online, therefore you can schedule calls with your personal tutor to arrange a suitable, clear action plan to guide your studies during the course.

▼ How is the Level 3 award in nutrition for physical activity delivered?

The qualification is based around one unit assessed via a case study and theory paper. The assessments are completed online with interactive online e-learning, whilst the theory exam will be completed at a chosen location located closest to yourself.

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Entire Training’s dedicated support team provide helpful advice and information to all learners for the duration of the course. Calls from your tutor and the support team will ensure you have all the necessary information required to succeed on the course. Our award-winning tutors have extensive experience working for a variety of clients within the industry, helping them to pass on valuable information to learners. Entire Training use state-of-the-art facilities at exclusive venues and offer payment plans that can help you take your first steps towards becoming a personal trainer.

Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated Support Team

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Award Winning Tutors

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Exclusive Venues

Flexible Payment Plans

Flexible Payment Plans


At Entire Training we are committed to raising industry standards through the development of highly trained and motivated fitness professionals. Our aim is to provide passionate fitness enthusiasts with an affordable qualification that will lead to a career they want. The aim is to provide an effective learning environment and support across all our courses we deliver.

We carefully select training venues, tutors, resources and support staff that want to see students succeed in the industry. Our goal is to provide the best platform for our students in their journey to a new career ensuring they develop the right skills and knowledge along the way.

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Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity